Hello folks, It is Saturday when I am writing this blog out of an incident that took place with me a couple of days before. I was simply analysing my expenditure when I found I bought a couple of products online which I absolutely don’t require as of now.

The question is what really made me purchase those items? Well, The secret lies in how they sell it to you. The way it convinced me certainly pleases others as well. What steps do they take to convince customers to buy without actually interacting with them?

So out of curiosity, I decided to study several surveys and elements on How to convince customers to buy your product & I found that not every website is capable of convincing customers, what they miss and what you could actually improve we are going to cover that in this blog post in 5 simple points.

Let’s dig deep-

1.Social Proof In Marketing

Social proof is feedback from real people about your product or service. It is the game of trust, always showing the potential buyer that people have bought the product before them and are satisfied with it. Comments, reviews, or product recommendations written by real users are invaluable.

Furthermore, it is essential that feedback comes in written or in photos, the world trusting “star rating games” is gone with internet explorer. Ask your customers to leave written reviews, post back photos, If you do receive negative reviews, make sure to respond publicly to them. It promotes that the brand cares about its users’ experiences And the feel of genuinity.

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image by apparel website myntra.com

social proof is among the most important factors that convince customers to buy your product. your buyer reviews are marketing itself “It built trust and reliability”, If you see it psychologically it subconsciously pushes one to follow and experience that others are having and enjoying.

2.Change Interface of website With Time

We need to accept that business is moving online, as well as the traffic. The interaction point is now a website for potential customers so don’t you think it must be responsive, clean and support SEO for better ranking in google search.

In addition, Research suggests that 75% of people will judge the quality of your brand based solely on their experience of your website. And with increasing competition, the SEO mark list that pushes websites is tough to satisfy. One necessarily needs to upgrade the website with time. 

Now the question arises at what time interval do I need to upgrade the website interface?

So here is the indication you can rely on:

  1. Traffic number is falling even after marketing programs.
  2. Mobile users aren’t engaging with the website.
  3. Your website loads very slowly with increasing load.
  4. Feedback on social media platforms relating to website performance & experience.

3.Keep The List of Benefits Short.

“People will be on the website to purchase not for learning” keeping the list of benefits short because Most people can only hold two or three thoughts at one time in their short-term memory. Long lists of benefits just cause confusion.

How to maintain the benefits short and attractive?

  • Merging features writing with image- tech companies mostly adopted this in the first place. You may have seen a product’s features displayed with a graphic designed image, it is the most attractive and cleanest way to present a product’s USP.  You can hire a graphic designer freelancer for these presentations on fiverr or upwork. And it is Fairly cheap for the experience it provides.
Web capture 23 12 2021 124629 www.oneplus.in 11zon
image by oneplus.
  • Use blog category more specifically– it may be marketing or personal sometimes the product attracts people so much that they actually want to know more and more about its features and specification so, a website should follow “shortlisting the benefits” but not completely, so if you want your users to be more familiar with your product and business services as a blog can be used to inform users about the upcoming product and offer do consider adding a blog section to your website.

4.Use of FOMO Marketing Strategy

“Fear of missing out” let’s say you want a new phone, so you are searching out about the features, price, and brand that are available in the market and suddenly you see a Facebook ad, displaying a huge discount at Amazon, Flipkart. You see the exact phone you want. Maybe you hadn’t yet committed to phone purchase, but now your FOMO is in high gear.

Many people would rather make an impulse purchase than regret failing to act later. This later developed into a marketing strategy where a psychological factor is used to convince customers to buy your product, now you should also use this strategy on your website, well how? Let’s have a look at a few implementations-

  • Video contest, comment contest FOMO is not just about selling, on your social platform or on your website try to hold contests with a gift or a giveaway to the winners and make the participation eligibility like subscribing to the newsletter, following on social media platform, making them share the contest. This increases engagement and brand awareness.
  • Offering a free trial, extended warranty Deals that are available only on a given day. Especially for the users who haven’t bought anything from you so far. But are signed up to your newsletter or email list.
  • Create a Special Offer With a Deadline-A discount for a limited period of time. Maybe for 1-2 days.

5.Providing multiple Payment and Delivery options

The payment section mentioned in this blog might not seem legit but think of a potential customer who doesn’t have trust in your business, don’t you think providing the “Cash on delivery” option will give him a sense of genuinity. 

And it’s not only about trust, think about the technological barrier. You would be surprised if we told you how many people still don’t use online banking. And tapping those audiences is also necessary. So make sure to provide COD, along with various online payment modes commonly used in day to day purchases.

amazon ready 11zon
by amazon.in

The delivery option, well this is important, the covid has made the majority of people to shift to online nothing new, but there are two main variations one need to handle when it comes to delivery “whether delivering by self or partnership with courier facility companies.”

1. The availability of choosing fast and usual delivery time. Depending on the choice of consumer as surveys tell the time period of delivery also influence the purchase factor some order in necessity and in those cases they prefer fast delivery option. Now-a-days every courier provides fast delivery with a few extra charges.

2. pick up the order from a selected collection point- in the small cities mostly, I also have witnessed that the courier services are collaborating with local trustworthy shops to provide the delivery options to remote places where they don’t have parcel godowns or lockers, and that is effectively doing its job the shopkeeper informs about the parcel people come and collect them to their convenience.

So In this blog post, we discussed 5 major changes a website needs to convince customers to buy your product and I hope it helped you in some way to find where you could actually improve So don’t forget to comment down your views on this and if you liked this one feel free to check out other blogs here. until next time😉😉.

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Ashish Bhondele · December 27, 2021 at 10:53 am

Keep working on it. You’re good.

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