In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about the Marketing Strategies for new entrepreneurs & how they can apply them to their everyday management skills to achieve desired results. Check it out here.

But this time we’re gonna talk about how well-established brands have survived over the years making use of traditional marketing along with digital to keep up the game in their niche.

Without any further ado, let’s dive right into the different strategies of many brands.

What really are these marketing strategies one talks about?

The long-shot preparation of corporate targets that the organization aims to do as a Marketing Technique referred to as Strategies. Must select distinct measures to integrate the credibility of goods and services or increase market sales to achieve these objectives. To identify the target market and to be able to keep customers loyal to the organization to improve the positioning of the company, need to to use opportunities.

To achieve positioning among customers, please consumer & organizational relationship loyalty; it is necessary to find out how do you wanna place or position the product/service in the market.

It is the method of creating sales opportunities, also of communicating and setting the product or service and translating the organizational lines that allow the correct channels to reach a target market.

Brands use various techniques to reach their customers and to maintain their status quo which are market segmentation, pricing strategies, Distributional & Promotional strategies along with clever use of digital marketing.

Marketing strategies of some famous brands:

Apple’s Brand:  Apple follows a straightforward brand strategy. As their tagline says: Think different, Apple at every stage of the product (product preparation to launching)  thinks differently. Apple does not merely sell a phone or tablet; it sells a lifestyle to its luxury customers. Apple’s brand marketing makes people realize that they need an apple product to enrich their life with quality products and a profitable experience.

Nike’s Brand: Nike creates a strategy by knitting the story of a brand. Nike takes this opportunity to make a possible story around its every product to start the ideas, which fascinate the customers. Adding a storytelling element to your brand or presenting the meaning of your business story to your customers adds a human element to your organization and can be a perfect marketing strategy for you.

Hermès Brand: The marketing strategy of Hermes is of a comprehensive approach designed to help establish a sustainable competitive advantage enjoyed by the brand. This is also an addition to its offerings that enhances its corporate image, build loyalty among consumers, and advance financial performance.

Being an old brand, it has also become a dependable brand in the field of leather products and the fashion industry. Hermes relies on its heritage, quality, and craftsmanship to maintain the trust of millions of consumers around the globe. As such, this brand can be considered the flagship of any luxury brand portfolio. It uses many measures to promote its products all across the world.

McDonald Brand: McDonald’s is not a new name in the market; it is worldwide known. The marketing strategy of McDonald’s is to maintain consistency. How did McDonald’s build a name so distinguishable? Well, for over 60 years, they have kept their brand name and product consistent while making thoughtful and on-brand enhancements.

Their logo has remained identical, and their marketing taglines have endorsed the same message: we make you happy.


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