Freelancing sounds like quite a heavy word eh? But what if I tell you that Upwork, a popular freelance platform, confirms that, The site has seen a significant rise in the number of subscribers. Over 2 million Americans, signifying a 36% increase, are now offering their freelance ideas on the site. The median income of an average freelancer is $10,000 – $20,000.


Now, $20,000 a year may not seem like much, but what is more fascinating is the amount of work they did to earn it. 41% of the freelancers only took on 2 jobs per week to make a living while working just about.

Take a guess 50 hours or 80 hours? No, only 10 hours a week. Would you still feel the same about it? I don’t know about you but this lowkey excites the freelancer in me because of the vast number of opportunities available.


In this blog post, we’ll take you through some of the popularđź’ˇideas to opt from for starting as freelancer while effectively leveraging your skills and passions, without worrying about having đź’° money to start your business. If you are brand new to freelancing it is considered smarter to begin off free.

So, look at the ideas listed below and do thorough research, one with which your skills are compatible and with which you really resonate and you believe you can become successful. As no one would like to devote hours and hours of work and time into something they don’t enjoy ( coz what’d be the point of freelancing if you aren’t enjoying it?)

Now without any further ado, LET’S DIVE IN

1. Blogging and Copywriting

Pictorial representation of Blogging

One of the most profitable online Freelancing professions in 2021, well blogging is like a package where you can get more than your expectations blogging can be done by creating your own website and earning through google ads,

or be a ghostwriter, where you give and write content for other people and get paid by the hour or per post. For example, one can sell articles to publications or can offer their blog writing services to corporations. 

Along with this, Copywriting is also one of the hottest writing jobs for people who wanna expand & share more of their creativity, artistic approach to writing. Copywriters create content (text) for advertisement or any promotional material a business may ask of you.

 It is used for Billboards, Websites, Email Campaigns, Newsletters, Advertising, Creating captions for their social media posts, you name it. A freelance copywriter can work directly with clients, or through agencies, etc. 

2. Mobile App, Web & Game development 

A line of code of representing a web development

If you have the skills to code and can create Mobile Applications, why not do it from home? There is a lot of work available and one can easily find these opportunities on sites like Upwork.

Becoming a Web Developer is simple, if you break it down to core all you need to do is learn technical skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript (front end); PHP,  SQL(back end), and then find clients willing to pay you for your work and time. If you want to learn web dev and don’t know where to begin? Start with taking a free online course at freecodecamp. (link embed)

As per google trends, growth in the gaming industry has been booming up for a few years and it is likely to grow even more. Fortunately, this means job opportunities if you have a real passion for not just playing but also dream & skills of making a video game of your crazy idea you can choose with either of the roles to join: game designers, animators, developers, and modelers.

3. Animator, Illustrator & Graphic designing

Art created with the help of GD
A Digital Art

Animations are fun and you can utilize your creativity to your full rein. You could create special effects for video games or movies.

One should have knowledge of Graphic design & motion graphics knowledge and know-how to draw. 

As an Illustrator, you can create images for projects like books, magazines, cards, advertisements, posters, murals & web graphics. The illustration is less technical than graphic design and often allows the user to work on fun projects like children’s books!

Graphic designers are very in-demand online. Businesses have a lot of design needs and don’t always have someone in-house to create the content, you would develop marketing collateral and brand identities. To build marketable skills that employers and clients value one should have a professional and academic background with GD theory, strong drawing skills & experience using design software like Adobe, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

4. Social Media Marketing & Seo Services, Google Advertising consultant 

Social Media Marketing

If creativity is what you seek and wanna represent the out of the box ideas of yourself then you can opt to engage in multimedia content that is used for the purpose of marketing & promotions of brands, a freelance career as a social media marketer is a way one should go through. As a freelance social media expert, you can help companies understand how to use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and every other social platform to reach their business goals and drive in more potential customers.

SEO services providers utilize the practice of search engine optimization to increase the number of visitors to a website by placing high-ranking placements in the search results page of search engines. 

Google AdWords dominates the world of Online Advertising. Every new company & business is enjoying the advantages of Google AdWords to let their PPC campaigns target new audiences and boost ROI. Many businesses today even use AdWords to run their Paid Ads on the web. This ever-increasing dependence on AdWords has opened a new route of career opportunity for a Certified Google AdWords Consultant. Google’s Adwords Certification provides free online training so one can learn the dynamics and working of AdWords and pick up helpful tips on what works best for them and what doesn’t.

5. Affiliate & Email Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative online business opportunity to start as in Freelancing, one can earn commission through promotions of products online as well as offline. If one has a targeted website that’s driving traffic, it’ll become easier to make a passive income from the content you’re already creating. Some platforms such as Amazon Associates and ShareASale are the best affiliate networks. 

Email Marketing:

Emails provide an effective marketing tool for many companies. You’ll be in charge of writing content around products or promotions. Newsletter and other online content may also be part of your role.

6. Translator & Voiceover acting

An Voice over Artist recording his gig.
Voiceover Artist

The economy is more global than ever and if you speak multiple languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hindi. Your skills are high in demand as a Translator, one can get gigs translating business ideas, documents, etc.

If you have also wondered about voices in movie teasers?  Those are done by professional voice actors. Voices are needed for commercials, ebooks, movies, and even video games. One can find business gigs at and for a good passive income.

7. Data entry & Transcriber

Data Entry

The Data Entry job isn’t that creative or glamorous, but if one has patience and can type quickly, then data entry is the answer for you. You have to transfer the information into documents as per the client’s wish. 

A transcriber is one who listens to something said aloud and writes it down into a document. It could be speech, webinar, conference meetings, court trials. This kind of

Work requires careful listening and is usually paid hourly. 

Final thoughts

Freelancing sure looks like a basket full of golden opportunities for one to grab, but that’s not always the case, there is no guarantee work will come frequently, especially in the beginning first few months are going to be the toughest and this is where most freelancers bow out and return to their nine to five life. but what can separate you from them is consistently working and learning with time.

Don’t let your job situation get you down–there is a lot that you can do to improve your skill-sets or learn new ones. One doesn’t even have to resign from their traditional job and can start it as a side hustle until you see results worth your efforts.


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